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Metabolic Health

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The Mountain Woman Metabolic Clinic

Individualized, Natural, Biochemistry-based complete metabolic & weight loss support for women.


Weight Loss that is individualized & Authentic


Mitochondria & Hypometabolism

Thyroid Concerns

postpartum recovery

Breakdowns in metabolic health are extremely common in our stressed out, overworked, under nourished society.


Commonly, this breakdown occurs over time, as our heightened levels of stress knock our interdependent hormones out of balance, a lack of healthy nutrition and poor digestion leaves our bodies starved for key nutrients that are required for metabolic pathways, and our ingestion of harmful synthetic chemicals disrupts functioning at the organ and cellular level.

As a result, we gain weight that does not respond to typical dieting and exercise, we lose our sense of vitality and passion for life to crippling fatigue, our hair falls out, our skin begins to sag, and we feel our body is breaking down around us.


Dr. Roberts approaches healing the body’s metabolic biochemistry from a natural, wholistic perspective that addresses:

  • Key hormone imbalances;

    • Progesterone, Estrogen, Testosterone, Insulin, Cortisol, Leptin, Ghrelin, Melatonin, Prolactin, DHEA, etc

  • Neurotransmitter disturbances:

    • GABA, Acetylcholine, Serotonin, Dopamine

  • Liver, Kidney and Gut function:

    • Detoxification and clearance pathways

  • Mental/Emotional wellness:

    • Natural stress management techniques

  • Mitochondria:

    • Functional testing and recovery

  • biochemistry optimization

    • Key nutrient repletion that fits your unique needs

Most importantly, you will learn how to re-structure your life, your diet and your thoughts to support true metabolic wellness, an investment that will last you a lifetime.

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If you are struggling with…

… putting everyone and everything else before your own sense of wellbeing

… stubborn weight that clings to the midsection, flanks, thighs, butt and upper back

… a history of dieting attempts that have led to even more weight gain

… deep seated fatigue that limits your ability to get things done throughout and day and enjoy your life

… diffuse hair loss

… a very low to nonexistent sex drive

… brain fog that gets in the way of your motivation and creativity

… often feeling irritable and frustrated with those around you, as well as yourself

… trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep that doesn’t get better with anything you have tried

… needing coffee/caffeine to function throughout the day

… feeling hopeless about where to start to regain the quality of life you want for yourself

Then working with Dr. Roberts, ND on a natural approach to better health may be the right fit for you.

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