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Corporate Wellness Programs & Seminars with Dr. Roberts

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Are You Looking for a Presenter for Corporate Wellness Talks?

Dr. Nicole Roberts, ND offers Corporate Wellness Seminars that are customizable to your office needs.


Wellness in the workplace is becoming a focus for forward-thinking companies. Companies that invest in the mental and physical health of their employees are outperforming those that do not. Productivity, engagement and loyalty all rise with health promotion in the workplace. 


Workplace wellness keeps your company's greatest gift - your talented staff - healthy and happy. 

Naturopathic Doctors are at the forefront of health care that treats the root cause of symptoms and the preventative medicine movement. Doctor as Teacher, naturopathic doctors educate their patients and empower them to be proactive in their health.  

Adding naturopathic medical care into the medical paradigm reduces expensive drug, insurance, specialist and chronic care costs. 

Blue Shield conducted a study in Washington that found a naturopathic-centered managed care program could cut the costs of chronic and stress related illness by up to 40% and lower costs of specialist utilization by 30%


To learn more or book a Corporate Wellness Event, please email