Comprehensive Natural Pain Relief For Busy Professionals

Do you get regular headaches, migraines, back pain or neck pain?

You’re not alone. Migraines affect up to 80% of the patients I see, becoming so frequent to the average life that painkillers, triptan medications and regular pain become the norm for so many of us. Back and neck pain seems to be a consequence of modern life; office work and commuting create a big strain for our postural muscles.

If you have Naturopathic Benefits but find they go unused throughout the year, we have created an opportunity for you to put those towards your body and head pain with premium naturopathic care. This approach to treatment allows you to bypass the typical long Initial Intake with a Naturopathic Doctor, and jump right into comprehensive body work that alleviates your pain ASAP.

The Comprehensive Body Work Appointment for back, neck pain and migraine relief

Purpose Of The Appointment:

To reduce headaches, migraines and recurring back, neck, hip and knee pain that is aggravated by long days of sitting, commuting and carrying heavy bags. Weather changes, stress, diet and hormonal shifts may also be aggravating your body pain and migraines.

How It Works:

No Initial Visit is needed before you can book a Comprehensive Body Work Appointment. Simply book online, fill out the Intake Forms and Consent To Treatment and we will review any pertinent medical information and discuss the available modalities with you at the beginning of your first appointment so that you are fully informed before we begin. For this reason, we recommend your first appointment be the longer of the two options (55 minutes).

The therapies used in the Comprehensive Body Work Appointment include:

Short Massage: To warm up the muscles and flush out any particularly painful trigger point areas.

Cupping: Releases the fascia between the skin and muscle for long lasting relief of body aches and chronic pain.

Trigger Point Acupuncture and Electrostimulation Therapy: Small acupuncture needles are placed into muscular trigger point areas and vibrate with the pulse of the electrostimulation machines to encourage release of the hypertonic muscles surround trigger points.

Trigger Point Injection Therapies: A small injection of Liquid B12, B Complex or Magnesium may be added to your appointment for muscular health, migraine relief, energy and improved well being.

Manual Muscular Release

*At your second visit, we will have created a personalized home care plan for your unique pain causes that you get to take with you.

Booking Options and Associated Fees:

55 Minute Appointment: Walk out feeling like a whole new person from top to bottom as we have time to address the full body.


35 Minute Appointment: Perfect for relief during the work day as it can fit in during the lunch hour or on a short break from work. In this time we will focus on the area of your choosing to relieve targeted pain.


How To Book:

Manage your appointments at our 2 locations through our online booking system which you can access below.

Please call to cancel any appointments.

Richmond Hill Location @ Yonge & Major Mackenzie

Richmond Professional Centre

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Midtown Toronto Location @ Yonge & St.Clair / Summerhill

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